Hurray for Sherry and Dianne!!

The cheers could be heard all across Ontario down to New York City as many TPWs were tracking the whereabouts of Sherry and Dianne as they raced in the New York Marathon.

I hold my breath every year, worrying about the weather, even if I’m not doing the race, because we all know how terrible it feels to walk in the Cemetery, in the rain let alone walk 42.2k!  Miraculously the weather seemed to hold for them this year…(or so it appears in the photos online).

It’s an awesome race, with some of the most iconic views along the way.

NYC and Marine Corps Marathon are top of my list for scenic races.  Another favorite because it is just so much fun is Disney.  No one takes it seriously, so the pressure to finish in a good time, is lessened.Another lovely smaller race, that provides potato chips halfway through the marathon, is the Baltimore Running Festival. 

Some of our walkers won the lottery, literally, to get into the latest big city race, in London England, and we expect to hear from them after their late March race.

Walking isn’t only doing marathons, but the elated feeling when you cross the finish line is worth it, even if just once!!

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