Hula Hooping for Health (and Fun)

Ten TPW’s met at a community centre on Dovercourt on Saturday morning to take a class in hula-hooping.
We didn’t set any records.  The longest verified hoop spinner was 74 hours and 54 minutes and the most hoops twirled simultaneously is 160.  And 70 hoopers hula’d the Music City half-marathon in 2010. 
But I do think we might have had the most fun it is possible to have.  We ranged from the very adroit, Diane and Laurel, to the pretty much unable, me.  Our instructor, Amy, found us amazing. (Who doesn’t?)  The huge grins as people mastered “recovery? and as they attempted high fives while spinning were a delight to see. 
We had Diane and Ela to thank for a great breakfast.  They had reconnoitered the neighbourhood to find us a bakery that provided a way-above-average bacon, sausage and egg breakfast with excellent toast made from their own rolls.  The glass cases were full of tempting delights and I know more than one woman made her way home with a loaf of bread or dessert for dinner (at least I hope they made it home!)
Thanks to Helen for a great idea and to Sue for organizing the groups!  Another group will be going next week – enjoy!

Note: Some of those who did not go hula hooping walked in the Cemetery after admiring Catherine’s relatively new toy!

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