How Fortunate We Are

Saturday’s walk was wonderful.  I met Rorie and Dianne at 8am for 13K. Lee and Danielle joined me on the loop of the walk. Lots of conversation and a consistent pace had us finishing at 10 and ready for the weekend ahead. Other TPW’ers walked at 8:30 and we saw them on the paths.
One of the TPW traditions is to spend an afternoon at the spa.
We met for lunch at the Elmwood followed by water therapies, for me that meant the hot tub, steam room and shower. Others enjoyed the pool. Then off to our treatments.
We left a little more relaxed than when we arrived, Jo Ann and I braved the Eaton Centre. Thankfully I was there for only a short time.

The day reminded me just how fortunate I am. That I can take a day in the busiest time of the year and spend the whole day doing what I want, walking, spending time with friends and indulging in some pampering.  Being a part of TPW creates all kinds of opportunities, some are challenging and some are good for the soul.

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