How cold was it?

My routine on Saturday mornings is pretty well set-in-stone.  I get up, put the kettle on and check the hourly forecast to determine what to wear.  Over the years, I’ve tracked what I’ve worn at various temperatures and now have a reliable guide, augmented by Rorie’s.  Unfortunately this morning my guide was of no use because it says, “under minus 10, go back to bed.?  As today’s blogger, I felt that was not an option. 

So I dressed for minus 10, even though the temperature was forecast for minus 14, and off I went, feeling like the three year old who can’t lower her arms.   And there were my walking mates, also bundled up, stylish fur hats included.  We completed a virtuous circle of the cemetery and headed for breakfast. 

I’ll have to update my guide.  When there is no wind, minus 14 is actually quite pleasant!  By the end of the walk, I was bare-headed and a little too warm!

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