Hot time, summer in the city…and the strike is over!

Saturday was one of the few days this summer that has lived up to that song lyric (the strike part wasn’t in the original). We decided to go east so that we could see the set up for Caribana and take advantage of the many porta-potties that lined the parade route. Don’t you find that distance walking really brings a distinct perspective to one’s relationship with the city? We have all developed an intimate knowledge of every available washroom. Perhaps there is a book idea there – Toronto Power Walkers’ ‘Walk the Distance to a Washroom’ Guide.

Many of us, including me (Diane), Lee, Katharin, Linda, Deb, were doing 16K in preparation for the Toronto Island Half and a few, like Rorie and Susan were going for longer distances. We all agreed that it was one of those perfect walks – great weather, lots to see, no piles of garbage and good conversation which made the time fly. It is a cliché but I felt very glad to be alive and very appreciative of belonging to TPW.

It was good to see Carol who is battling a knee problem and has had to curtail her training a bit. She and Sue shortened their route and returned to secure a breakfast table for the group. Remember, even if you aren’t up to going the whole distance, any distance is better than none. I just read an article that said even 30 minutes of walking a week makes a huge difference to your health. I guess that makes us all Superwomen!

Phyllis and James did 32K together on Sunday. Apparently it was hot, fast and smelly (the garbage clean-up around Sunnybrook, not them). Lorna walked by her lonesome in Mississauga.

The winner of the free entry to the Toronto Island Women’s Half was Sherry! I guess we’ll be seeing more of her out training now!

Tonight is hill training, so ladies (and our few good men) get ready to engage those gluts. See the side bar for details on location.

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