Hot, hot, hot…

7am walkers

When I arrived at 8 on Saturday I thought many of our members had decided to goof off because of the heat. I should know my Walkers better! We passed a large group of 7 o’clock early birds making their return voyage while we were still outward bound.

I did my 16K but confess I was tired (didn’t sleep well the night before) and the heat didn’t help. So, next week, I think I will bite the bullet and be one of the early risers. It does make sense when the distances are longer and the temperature is rising.
I was interested to notice that the 16K was harder for me than the 19K we had done the week before. Reminds me of how much of distance walking is mental. I went into Saturday thinking “I am too tired to do this and it is too *#+! * hot.? The previous week I had no negative assumption and just breezed along enjoying the scenery and the company. 
So, note to self, next week keep the attitude positive and start early – and don’t forget the sunscreen (or a paddle if this rain keeps up).

Tuesday is hills (10 of them!) unless of course it is pouring.

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