Honk On, Honk On

I find that when I am writing for the blog I seem to focus on snapshots of existential experience. Eventually as I prattle on about whatever the experience is, I ground it in some over-arching value or at times an event. I do not know why I chose to write this way but I know it comes natural to me. Time to prattle.

Today 12 of us met around 7 am in High Park and later 3 joined in the walk by the water. The air was a bit heavy, cool not cold and some of us delayered after we had walked a few kilometres. Other than a reminder to e-mail Sue (tpw@rogers.com) about attending the training/function at Harbord House this Tuesday and to e-mail Rorie about going to her pool party this August there were no messages to pass on. Note that we meet at the track on Tuesday night at 6:30pm at Central Tech (Bathurst and Harbord) for our warm up, Yasso 800’s, and cool-down, before walking east on Harbord to dinner.

I left the group so I would be on time to join the Ontario Race Walkers at 9 am and met up with three members of our group walking in the direction our group was going. In exchanging hellos I heard the roar of motorcycles and was told that they were related to the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I heard the honking sound of the geese mixed in with the rumbling sound of the motorbikes. I looked over to my left only to see the geese landing on the water.

Further along my walk to High Park I saw hundreds of bicycles(they were ‘riding’ to conquer cancer). A sea of various brightly coloured shirts flowed by me. Again I heard the geese honking as they flew in the sky over me. While waiting to cross the highway I heard the geese honking as they waddled by the highway. They just consistently and persistently made themselves heard whether it was through the rumbling of the motorbikes or what appeared to be the passing of hundreds of bicycles with bright colours whizzing by them. They were loud and as visible as the bicycles, bright shirts and motorcycles.

While walking up the hill at High Park it hit me that we, as walkers, are like these geese. We have a consistence and persistence that moves us to walk the distance. Though we do not create the sound of the geese our presence makes us known. Our presence is our honk. Like the geese we are present when the
bicycles ride by us, we are present when the cars drive by us and we are present when the motorcycles drive by us. Just like those geese today we consume space and we move. So for all of us who walk the distance, honk on, honk on.

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