Home again, home again, jiggedy jig…

My husband and I are just back from a very enjoyable three week vacation in Ecuador. This morning was my first walk back with the group and I loved it. We walked a lot on our travel adventure, including  up and down many steps in Cuenca (hill training!), but not at a TPW pace – more a tourist amble than striding out. Really made me appreciate what it is we do.  Today I felt like a racehorse given its head!

They say travel broadens the mind and I agree.  I have lots of experiences and sensations from the trip swirling around in my head –  the liquid rolling rrrrs of Spanish;  the beautiful, much adored children;  the  dramatic contrasts between old ways of life and new;  the warmth of both native Ecuadorians and ex-pats; the wonderful weather (consistently about 20 with no humidity). 

It will take me awhile to process it all but the bottom line is we really had a good time and will go back.

Being away also makes me reflect on and celebrate the life I enjoy here – including my wonderful TPW friends. This morning was the last High Park walk until next spring. Next week we are back at the cemetery at 8:30 (oh joy, oh joy) with breakfast at Jesters.

Best wishes to those heading for Chicago – we will be cheering you on.

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