Hill Training

There’s no such thing as bad weather!
I was lucky the past few weeks and I enjoyed warm weather (most of the time) when I walked. No coat, long pants hat or gloves.  It was a stark contrast to the weather TPW’ers experienced on Saturday.
I thought of that again when I saw ‘Around the Bay’ participants, it looked cold, damp and miserable. I was very happy to be an observer and not a participant.
I also thought it’s less than 6 months until the Montreal Marathon.  I know I will be successful if I get myself out the door consistently and do the distance and more. 
Most know that we should do tempo walks, hills and interval training.  I know I would have more success if I trained as I should. I have not done more than the occasional hill in 4-5 years.  I know this is not good but it doesn’t get me anywhere near the bottom of a hill for hill repeats.
In two weeks I am volunteering as ‘back of the pack’ for the Race Roster 8K (in High Park), I will be reminded quickly there, that hills should be done regularly.
That last hill can be tough on the well trained, for me it will be a challenge. I will focus on the participant I am with.  That will get me to the top of the hill.
My first experience doing the High Park hill was with Jeans Marines in 2005. I stopped twice on the hill, had absolutely no strength left and a fellow Jeans Marine who had completed well before me, walked me up the hill. 
Knowing I will be helping another reach their goal in April reminds me I will need the support of our group to get me to the finish line in Montreal. Already there are offers of support and training on the long distances this summer.  All I have to do now is show up and do the distance.  Long distances don`t worry me, 35K I can do on my own.  It`s the 500m, 750m hill that worries me. Maybe this year I will return to do hills.
Walk your distance this week and who knows I may walk a hill or two in High Park this week in preparation for the Race Roster 8K.

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