For me, it’s a new and better world when the sun is shining.  As we ease slowly into our earlier timeslot for Saturday training, the sun makes it a lot easier to get up earlier and head out.  It is so liberating to walk without all our heavy gear.  We had a great group out last Saturday at High Park for our first 8am start.   
For the rest of April, we’re at the cemetery on Saturday mornings at 8:30am. On May 7 at 8:00am we will meet again at High Park.  Then back to the cemetery for Saturdays in May. On June 4, we will begin training from High Park for the rest of the year. I know it’s confusing…we’ll try to keep the weekly training info on the sidebar up to date.
TPW logoed items – Most of us gave Rorie various items of clothing on which she will arrange to have the logo printed or stitched – thanks for taking this on, Rorie!  We’re going to look terrific!
We started off with our usual 3k circle of the Park, past the zoo and up that zoo HILL!!  Remember that ZOO HILL??  REMEMBER THAT ZOO HILL?  Puff, puff, groan!  Then, down the hill to the waterfront, where we broke into two groups:  those heading west to the Humber Bridge for 8k (and more) and those who turned around and headed back up the hill, having finished their warm-up for race walking lessons.
The walk and the conversations were lively and the sun was energizing.  We practised our form and style and helped each other get it right.  Then, returning for breakfast, we found Margie, who is nursing an ankle injury, holding a table for our group.
April – dates TBD – Helen S is lining up training with Barb Gormley for two nights; each member has a choice of ONE evening, either a Tuesday or Thursday at 6:30pm. Location: Sue’s condo, party room. Details via email after you sign up.
May 10, 17 and 24 (Tuesdays) at 6:30pm – WOW Training at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
NB:  Training is capped at 20 – This training is designed as a 3-session unit; it is not a ‘come to one of three offering’.  Please do not sign up unless you can commit to at least 2 out of 3 sessions.  TPW will be paying on a per person basis so we would really like committed attendees only.
TPW will cover the cost for all training.
Tuesdays are interval training at 6:30pm – see sidebar for training schedule. 
Thursdays – you’re still on your own!
To Barb C, best wishes for a safe flight, enjoy your new home and stay in touch!

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