Hello from the Energizer Bunny (aka James)

It was a pleasure to find myself in the company of 3 lovely ladies for a morning walk around High Park (Ela, Phyllis and Rorie). Although a bit cold at such an early hour, (half an hour past sunrise), I had no fear of rain thanks to the power of the ‘No Rain Jacket’ of Rorie’s. We varied our route slightly, as we skipped zoo hill, in favour of the visual beauty of the Grenadier Pond and up cherry blossoms hill, where we turned around once the hill was completed (hill training for Phyllis) and walk back down to start the normal route along the lakefront (heading West then East).

For those that have not yet taken this route, it is strongly recommended while the cherry blossoms are still present. Prior to leaving the park, the four of us stopped for photos. Having walk for an extra 25 minutes West along the lakeshore, I returned to High Park for 5 km once around the lower trails (and briefly walked past the second shift setting out on there way down to the lake). It was a pleasure to see you all and hopefully, we will see each other more often as the TPW are now in the park. Much fun will be had, that, I have no doubt.

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