Though the evidence was not present, the emergence of blossoms on the trees informed some of us walkers that the blossoms appeared to have placed their trust in the arrival of hot weather.  Later I heard on CBC that indeed this would be the case. An exceptional hot June is expected; possibly hotter than last year.
Next Saturday we meet at High Parkand the eventual emergence of two walking times usually becomes a topic of discussion. There are a variety of reasons why two walking times occur and I will focus on one of them. I will focus on heat.
For me heat and walking are an interesting unique experience. With my body, my heat comfort level is somewhere in the 90s F(30s C) yet when training I am extremely uncomfortable in the aforementioned temperature. Obviously, like anyone else walking in heat, I need lots of salt and liquids. There are times, believe it or not, that I can scrap the salt off my face with my nails.
 If you are doing long distances make sure that what you drink is balanced with the necessary ingredients for the distances you are walking. Also be prepared that you may find that what you use for fuel in the winter is too heavy for your stomach in the heat. Sunscreen and sunglasses, for some of us, are very necessary.
Since there are two walking times on the same day then you will quickly find out which level of heat your body easily tolerates. The rule of thumb is that the earlier you are out the cooler it is. The only way to really know is to get out there and walk the distance. It is beautiful with everything in full bloom.  The way the blossoms are forming it will be a glorious summer; heat and all. 

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