Healthy Aging

I subscribe to a blog from McMaster that looks at the validity of “health news stories.?  This week they started with a message I’d like to quote. 
This week and every week, we read articles in the news about the link between exercise and aging. There’s a steady flow of new research and fresh findings on this topic, which all come to the same conclusion: exercise has very positive effects. But does it delay aging? Is it anti-aging? Perhaps it’s this anti-aging mindset that is unhealthy in itself. Aging is inevitable and a gift that so many are denied. So why not shift that mindset and instead embrace aging? Let’s focus on healthy aging instead of anti-aging. And, from that perspective, exercise has many benefits. There is mounting evidence that regular physical activity contributes to healthy aging.?
They then went on to report on 7 studies that highlighted the importance of exercise in healthy aging.  The 7th was titled, “Join A Walking Group To Improve Your Health.?  What a good idea!

BTW, there are 5 TPW members registered for the Ottawa Half on May 28.  If you’d like information, contact Barb.Or join Phyllis on the same weekend, in Toronto at the Toronto Women’s Half in Sunnybrook Park.

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