Heading into home stretch – new trials for some, and for others, new experiences.

The end of the season is fast approaching! How can one tell? It was the longest walk to date for the marathoners, and tapering time for most.

The full marathon walkers – Helen, Susan, Ela, Mary, Lorna, Phyllis and James walked 35km. The half marathoners – Laurel, Sue, Lee, Linda, Leslie, Barbara, Suzanne, Deb walked their 20km in record time, and provided encouragement along the Lakeshore stretch (much appreciated). Rorie walked her own distance (26+km), and Diane was doing her part by thinking of us while we walked, and she sipped wine in France!

Sorry if we missed mentioning you by name…it’s so hard to remember everyone when you’re bleary eyed at 7am. (Rumour has it that Rosemarie slept in…..while David ran). What did YOU do on Saturday morning??

The temperature started off rather cool in the morning but quickly warmed up as the km flew past. After once around the park it seemed that the half marathoners disappeared (see below). The marathoners walked west to the gazebo, took a group shot and then up past the lighthouse. We then continued east, all the way to Cherry Beach, and then back up the “little hill?, for the last push to High Park.

Sights of interest along the route for the marathoners: 1) Lorna who decided to take a dip in the lake to cool off at Cherry Beach. 2) at T&T free samples of fruit puddings and crackers were wolfed down by a ravenous pack after taking advantage of their lovely clean washrooms, and 3) the air show with the crowds, and the path clogged with strollers, and cyclists.

The half marathoners, after their initial 3km around High Park and a small break (whew!) while Laurel bought a muffin for breakfast, continued their walk to the east. It became one of the more whimsical in their repertoire as they “rode the wave”, mused about lying in the sand under the yellow umbrellas as they toured the beach at their turnaround point, and enjoyed the change of scenery and flowers on the south side of the Music Garden.

Spirits were high along as our intrepid walkers walked the walk and enjoyed themselves immensely (ok…maybe I’m exaggerating with ‘immensely’)

Upon completion, the usual culprits met up at the Grenadier Restaurant. A splendid conversation took place where those present shared there worst and best moments power walking. From Susan, completing first 16km walk which was both her worst and best time walking, to Lorna’s 20 Valley Niagara Marathon, her best. Phyllis recalled enjoying walking her first marathon in Columbus Ohio with Jean keeping her company from mile 13 to the wall at mile 20. We also looked forward to other races and talked of January 2011 – TPW @ Disney – a few have even agreed to go Goofy!

Finally, TPW provided marathon gift bags to Ela, Lorna and James for their first official 35km! Much appreciated!!!

If you’re doing the Toronto Island Women’s Half, or Scotiabank…you are now officially tapering. Baltimore/Chicago marathoners… you have one last 32km to go… so enjoy.

Enjoy the nice weather…come out for intervals on Tuesday and walking on Thursday. See the sidebar for details.

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