Have you seen the Energizer bunny?

We, my husband and I, have not had a television for several years now, so I have no idea whether the television ads of the Energizer bunny are still around. Given our average age in the group I am sure everyone will remember the television ads. The bottom line to the ads was that the Energizer bunny (energized not by a bunny’s body but a battery) had the ability to endure and support various activities for very long periods of time. An example was that it could walk and clang cymbals at the same time.

The activity level of our group on Saturday and the upcoming activity level it will engage in, bring to my mind the image of the Energizer bunny. The only difference (and it is a huge difference) is that we are not energized by an artificial source. On Saturday I met up with Helen and Phyllis a little past 7:00 am. Walking out 2k with them along the Lakeshore we spoke about the latest marathon that some of our walkers have been in. Our conversation looked at it through the lens of a walker. I then circled back as they kept going for 21k.

A little past 8:00 am I met up with Barb, Bev, Ela , Diane, Fiona, Jackie, Lynn, Mary, Sue and Susan B. Conversations echoed the same ones earlier. Both groups had a very high energy and I have no doubt whatsoever that everyone met the personal goals they set for themselves. As for me, I again walked out 2K with this group and circled back.

Remaining at High Park I was joined by various members of our TPWs for breakfast. It was a nice gathering as people came in and out of the Grenadier Cafe. Very high energy; no artificial source there. Bacon, eggs, fruit cups, bread, steak and/or salad collectively fuelled us.

A little past 10:30 Ela, Lynn, Phyllis and Susan B. joined Stafford Whelan of the Ontario Race Walking Association for an information session on race walking. When I left them, individuals who had completed all sorts of distances were focused on what Stafford was telling them about race walking.

Now you can see already that the Energizer bunny (if it was really fuelled by a body) would start to perk its little ears and take notice. Maybe it would be experiencing a bit of anxiety, but wait there is more.

The ‘more’ has to do with all the other activities

  • hiking and ziplining (Lee and Suzanne hiking the Bruce Trail, Rorie ziplining in Collingwood)
  • our annual Harbord House gathering on the 30th of November 2010 (inform Sue of your interest in coming by e mailing her at tpw@rogers.com)
  • discussions at breakfast about some of us joining swimming classes and using the class for the purpose of cross training
  • building homes under the umbrella of Habitat for Humanity on the 27th of November 2010 (inform Sue of your interest in joining HFH by emailing her at address above) etc. etc.

So there we have it. Energy, energy , energy at the TPW ; we have energy.

By the way if the ads still exist and you do see the poor little Energizer bunny clanging away and walking just smile secretively because – it is my opinion and I suspect our collective knowledge that, the energy, the real energy , is with us, ‘ we who walk the distance’.

So keep on clanging and walking TPW, keep on clanging and walking!

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