Harry’s in High Park

This past Saturday April 5 was Harry’s in High Park. Unexpectedly I was not able to attend so thanks to Nicole for taking notes for me. My very first blog for TPW (three years ago) was a report on Harry’s, my first timed walk. Ironically Nicole’s experience today is quite similar to mine three years ago. I also walked most of the race alone, I also did not have a way of setting my pace, and I also felt very emotional. Perhaps this is because it is Spring, perhaps it is the beauty of High Park, or perhaps it is that very special feeling of accomplishment that comes with the triumph of finishing a timed race.  
Below are Nicole’s notes and thank you again Nicole for helping me out.
Nicole’s Notes
The weather was lovely. I met Helen T and a couple of friends at the park. Helen S joined us at the start but wasn’t racing. I surged through the start gate and soon the runners passed me.
It felt odd walking alone. I could not tell what my pace was. I didn’t have anybody to match. I passed a few people along the way. My final result was 1:10:59. Pace 8:53. I feel next time I could go faster.  This is only my second race and both times I have felt very emotional at the beginning of the race. All verklempt and tearing up. Is this normal?
I was also in awe of the professional runners who were crossing us. What beautiful strides and bodies!! It made me want to run but alas I know my body would not hold up…
So I have a medal, a T-shirt and a cap. Had some free bagels and cookies. They taste and feel delicious. With this race under my belt, I am now looking forward to racing with more people who walk at my pace or make me push mine.

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