Happy to be out on Saturday morning

I arrived to walk Saturday morning a few minutes early and it was my determination to walk with TPW Saturday
I was glad I did!  Distance completed was not my goal. Being there and enjoying the group was my goal.
I was on the subway when I met Diane and Linda.  It was nice to chat as we travelled north.
I was happy to walk and enjoy the conversation as we travelled through the cemetery. Yes it was a relaxed walk and very pleasant.  Conversation could be heard about the upcoming races – Robbie Burns, Harry’s (now Race Roster 10K), Sporting Life 10K and others.  For members trained and untrained it’s time to start considering races for the year.  Yes it will be cold 2 weeks from now when a group of us travel to Burlington for Robbie Burns, our TPW will keep us warm (at least in spirit).  
I will do the race this year and I know I my pace will be slower than it has been but it doesn’t matter. 

Being out and doing it is much more important to me right now.

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