Happy New Year!

I believe that my first resolution for 2018 began in 2017 when I signed up to participate in the Resolution Run for the very first time.  Never having done it before, I had to get advice on how to take transit to the start line (thank you, LP) as well as figure out what to wear for the cold in order to remain warm enough when standing around waiting (so as to not get chilled), while at the same time not over heating (and becoming slimy) during the race itself.  All very challenging requirements…

My transit foray turned out to be a difficult one (absolutely no fault of LP’s!) because the designated streetcar was diverted, the detour bus took a very long time to show up and then the grumpy driver put it out of service for a while as he argued with a customer.  I finally got myself to the Palais Royale at about 10 minutes to 9, just before the race was to begin.

Good turnout of TPW Walkers at Resolution Run

Then, while I found myself to be  adequately dressed for the most part, I neglected to bring a neck scarf, thinking that I would overheat if I wore one.  Overheating was not a problem.  What was a problem was the unpleasant cold draft that swooped down my neck while standing in line waiting.  Lesson learned!

And then we were off, racing through the cold bright air, churning through snow at times, eternally grateful to the organizers that it was only a 5k and rewarded by hot chocolate and pastries at the finish.  It was lovely!  And just (maybe) fun enough to do it again next year!

P.S. If anyone wants to trade a Small jacket for a Medium jacket, I would be interested!

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