Happy New Year Walkers!

It’s a good thing I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because, if I did, I would have broken one the very first Saturday in January.

I was looking forward to walking after the holiday break but the frigid forecast made me think twice – and my second thought was ‘How about just having breakfast?’. And that is exactly what Sue and I did, and I confess we enjoyed it immensely.

However, many of us are made of sterner stuff. Eleven valiant Toronto Power Walkers made it to High Park and did three frosty k’s (with Susan and James continuing for a bit more) before gathering for a much deserved breakfast at the Grenadier. So, the first annual Cool Canucks awards go to Phyllis, Helen, Susan B., James, Lee, Linda, Mary, Deb, Susan S, Barb D and Lynn.

Some winter reminders

  • combat the cold by dressing in multiple layers with wicking material next to your skin to keep you dry;
  • wear a hat or warm ear covers;
  • if the wind is blowing, bring along a scarf or invest in a balaclava to cover your face;
  • pay particular attention to your hands and feet (I wear wool socks over my wicking light socks).
  • If the footing is slippery consider buying a set of yak tracks or the equivalent to wear over your sneakers. The last thing anyone wants is to slip and fall.
  • And lastly, remember to hydrate. It never seems as necessary in the cold but it is.

My hope for 2010 is that it be a wonderful year for us all and that each of us ‘goes the distance’ that we set our hearts on.

Next week we’re back to Mt Pleasant Cemetery–Yonge street entrance. See you there!

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