Happy New Year!

About twenty of us gathered on Saturday and more than half went around the loop for the second time.
Today over nine of us gathered for the Resolution 5K walk and all of us completed it. There were a few supporters among the group too.
Some of those who did not attend stayed with their loved ones and others are either en route or will shortly be travelling out of the country.
In the early part of New Year some of our group will be going to Rome (March) and participating in the marathon and others will be going to Bermuda (January). Many of us will be walking in local races.
We certainly are a busy bunch.
Conversations during both gatherings did touch upon what people would be doing as this year merges into the 2015 year. I was surprised at how many of us will be sound asleep. .On second thought, why should I be surprised?  At the strike of 9pm I am done.
Having said all of the aforementioned an extra hurray to those who will be up to see this year merge with 2015. A birdie told me that a lovely couple of ours is heading out of the country just to greet the New Year, at the strike of midnight, in a special way ..   
As for myself, ZZZZZZZZ is the sound that will be coming from my lips at the stroke of midnight.

Looking forward to our gathering at Diane’s and all the other special gatherings we have in the New Year. As has been said many times, we certainly are fortunate to be part of the TPWs. Happy New Year everyone, Happy New Year!

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