Happy New Year!

I’m a firm believer that a brisk walk in the fresh air can either cure or make endurable any malady – the exception being anything gastro-intestinal.  So, instead of enjoying the last Toronto Power Walk of 2016, I’m writing this blogpost within a safe distance to the bathroom – the joys of the season overdone, I’m guessing.  Still, there’s something pleasant about still being in my bathrobe half-way through a Saturday morning.
So, I have no walk to write about.  I thought perhaps a review of 2016?  But in recalling the year, I realized that a lot of our members have been dealing with illness, family difficulties and deaths, providing super-human support for relatives both local and afar, job problems and other difficulties.  They all say that having the TPW to rely on during this time has been essential.

So I think I’ll join the world in saying, “So long 2016, and good riddance!  Come on in, 2017!?

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