Happy Mother’s Day

If you were expecting a Mother’s Day theme to this week’s blog, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I started to think about this after the rain last weekend 🙂

After we decided to relocate back to the cemetery last weekend I decided I needed to take a walk down by the waterfront to see what all the buzz was about. The first thing I saw was that the dip just east of Sunnyside pool was completely underwater – good call on the relocate. This was at 6pm on Saturday and the water was already receding. Based on where the driftwood was laying, the water had gone down a good 10 cm. And at that point the breakwaters were just visible. Wow! The next thing I noticed was the brown, silt-laden water. After a storm it’s not unusual to see the Humber basin quite brown. But this stretched from the furthest point west over to the tip of the island. Wow # 2!!
All the rain reminded of Hurricane Hazel from 1954. No, I wasn’t alive at the time, but my parents were living only 1 km away at the time. All they remember of the day was that there was a lot of rain. However, the devastation in the river basin was extreme, destroying a whole street and killing 81 people. Click to read more.
But out of that tragedy came major changes to municipal standards that have shaped Toronto ever since. Any potential flood basin was purchased for recreation and to put in improvements to control flooding. The wonderful parkland we enjoy today along both the Humber and the Don rivers are the result of Hazel.
I was thinking of that on Sunday when I was surprised that the rain had stopped and the sun was out. Lovely. I was noticing both the green and the wide variety of blooms coming up everywhere. Reds, pinks, oranges and whites! And the shades of purple – I’ve noticed more and more Periwinkle taking over lawns and gardens everywhere. Isn’t that a great word? Periwinkle – say it out loud – Periwinkle – hehehehe! And then the rich, heady, lusty fragrance of the lilacs that are just coming into bloom – yes, it is my favourite flower.
And I cannot forget the yellow – yellow everywhere. Then I saw a young boy, what was he doing? Weeding Dandelions! Yes dandelions, blankets of them already. I thought, what perseverance they have considering the extent we go to in order to eradicate them. Perseverance, a good word for what we’ve had to do over the last few weeks of cloud and rain. But no, dandelions don’t just persevere, they thrive! Give them an inch and they’ll take an acre. And at this time, after all that rain, Mother Nature is thriving everywhere as the rain mingles with the rain of yellow maple blooms, revealing the majestic canopy of the deciduous forest. In October we give thanks and use words like cornucopia, bounty and abundance that will carry us through the winter. We are seeing another cornucopia of bounty and abundance that Mother Nature produces to carry the newborn of nature through the growing season of summer.
So maybe this is an ode to Mother’s Day after all. Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature. May you continue to thrive.

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