Happy Holidays!

Saturday was a brilliantly sunny but very cold morning.  There was a very good turnout, some at 8 AM doing 3 circuits (about 19 km), others at 8:30 doing 1 or 2 circuits. Then we all met for breakfast, as usual.  Dressing for this weather is tricky.  A layer too few means a miserably cold walk, a layer too many is sweaty.  I managed the problem with zippers up and down as required.
Sunday, many of us met at Sherry’s new apartment for brunch.  After admiring her beautiful space (modern conveniences in a gracious old setting) we enjoyed bubbly orange juice, quiche and the company of this great group of women.  Barb, a member of long standing, came all the way from Picton for the event.

Then, several of us filled most of the left mezzanine at the Young People’s Theatre to see Nicole, one of our number, play evil Aunt Spiker in James and The Giant Peach.  At drinks with the star after the show, we considered a 2 act play about the TPW – act 1 on a treadmill with snippets of conversation and act 2 at breakfast.  It all seemed hilarious at the time but it might have been the Blanche de Chamblis.
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!

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