Happy at High Park

Saturday was a perfect morning; cool fresh air greeted us as we set out for our walk at 8:30am.  

Fortunately the huge crowds were gone from High Park (along with the cherry blossoms, unfortunately) so parking was very much easier.  It was lovely to see familiar faces returning to our routine after the flurry of races as well as some new ones who are seeing what TPW is all about.  

We decided to walk through the Park first, past flowers, trees, zoo animals (and their smells!), dog walkers, baby strollers; everywhere green and new and buzzing with activity.  Then we headed down to the lake which was glittering in the sunlight, with rowers, kayakers, and scullers moving across its surface.  The swans were in the water (they are certainly beautiful and majestic but do you know how nasty swans are?  They hold other birds under the water until they drown.  All that glitters is definitely not gold!).  

We headed east along the boardwalk (having gone westward last week) until we were stopped by a group of goslings.  Mother goose standing ready to defend, fuzzy babies sitting together in the sun by the water.  

Susan B, Dr. Sue and Mary, stalwarts that they are, kept going for a longer distance, but the rest of us turned back (ending up at about 10K), hungry and ready for coffee.  We were able to score a table outside and enjoyed breakfast and company; definitely an antidote to the existential pain of being human.

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