Halloween Morning in the Cemetery

It seemed perfectly fitting that our first walk back in Mount Pleasant cemetery would be on Halloween. (Did everyone notice the glorious sunrise, the red and pink streaked across the blue sky, on their way there?)

Quite a large group of us met at the gates, some at the beginning of their walk and others to walk their second round.  It was a beautiful morning, quite mild with no wind and I was amazed at how many leaves were still on the trees, in their full autumn colours.  The variety of colours was stunning.  I love the autumn (and not just because I was born in September), but because it serves to remind me of the beauty that can accompany change and letting go.  We are lucky to be alive.   And gratefully, we did not see any undead during our walk (at least I didn’t).  Though there was a devil, two witches and a clown sitting among us at breakfast!

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