Halloween in Mount Pleasant

At Mount Pleasant this past Saturday Halloween was in full swing. Read on if you dare….
We met at the gates as always at 8:30am. We were about 15 minutes into our walk when Rorie announced Bev had arrived late at the gates. She (Rorie) and Catherine looped back to meet her. About 10 minutes later Bev joined us. She had not seen Rorie and Catherine. Where had they gone? Bev turned back in search of them. Hearts thumping, and three members less, the rest of us kept going.
About 15 minutes later, Shelley, not before seen, popped out unexpectedly from another path. She had arrived by mistake at 8:00 a.m. and had started her walk early. She had been wandering through the tombstones lost and alone. She joined us gratefully. With Shelley we were now one more but the original four were still in absentia. Suddenly a skeletal hand brushed my ankle. I jumped away quickly, ready to do battle, but by the time I looked down it had disguised itself as a simple dead branch.
Someone cried out that Linda had disappeared and courageously went back to look for her near the washrooms. The rest of us surged desperately onward, dead leaves swirling around our feet., skeletal trees looming before us.  Linda appeared, walking briskly toward us, alone. Where was her rescuer? And still no Rorie, Catherine, Bev or Natalie. Our numbers were diminishing quickly. What evil was this?
Suddenly four of us realized we were completely on our own, separated from the others. We hastened toward the gates before we too got taken. One last turn, one last hill, and there they were, those welcome pillars. I burst through gratefully.  Ah, the sweet joy of freedom and on to a well-earned breakfast.
(Note: This little story demonstrates how well we look out for each other, but also how easily things can go awry. Hopefully everyone will be seen healthy and well at Harbord House (and all at the same time) later this month.)

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