Half marathon through newbie eyes

What a gorgeous fun day! I met up with Phyllis, Catherine, Susan and Helen at Starbucks. Was glad I had decided to shed my second layer in the car and chose to be cold to start. But of course found out that this is when you wear old tops you want to discard! Next time…
Had just enough time to get through the Johnny on the spot lineups and there we were amongst thousands. I experienced the same moment of emotion at the start as I did at Harry’s run off.
What fun to see Yonge street being taken over by thousands on foot.
Phyllis set the pace. I would like to say that we kept up to her but I am aware that she slowed her pace for Catherine and I. Fun was on her agenda for the day as opposed to pushing her own personal limits. I am grateful for her encouragement and tips. 
I like the way you walk with so many different people along the way until you pass them or they pass you. Lovely brief encounters! Julie from Georgetown was one of them. This was her first and she was walking for her father who has cancer. She joined us at about 8 k and stayed with us to the end.
Susan and Helen were doing 37 k in preparation for their Ottawa Marathon and were keeping their own pace. I hope they had as fine a day as we did.
Results are still important to this newbie. So here it is, loud and proud! Chip time 3:06, Pace 8:52. 4th in my age group.
Afterwards I had a good meal, an epsom salt bath and a rest. My muscles are tired but not in pain. I have one blister on my heel but now I know about the vaseline trick. Next time…

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