Eight of us met at 7:30, walked 19 kilometres; the rain held off and the craic was good.  (Thanks Van Morrison for introducing that excellent noun to my vocabulary – an Irish term meaning news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation – what better word to describe our walking dialogues!  I won’t tell you what I thought he was singing about until I visited my daughter who was working in Ireland for a summer.)
But I realized earlier in the week that this week I wanted to write about the wonderful women who just take it upon themselves to make sure that we continue to work as a group.  I thought about this when Sue sent out an email organizing a dinner for those of us who are going to a race in Collingwood in a few weeks.  And then again, when she sent out an email clarifying our meet-up times for this weekend. 
We have Phyllis, who denies being our leader, but who provides the training schedules and pace charts and jollies us along.  We have Carol who looks after our money.  We have Sue who keeps our membership up to date.  We have Mary tracking who is meeting on Tuesday nights.  And Laurel who made sure we have snazzy gear.

The danger of starting a list like this is that someone will be forgotten so I’ll stop here and say that, in this group, you never have to look around to find a volunteer.  By the time you think of a need, someone is already on their way to responding to it.  It makes this group unique.

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