I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” ?  
Well, I’m sorry to say that I was on that road Saturday morning.  I fully intended to walk at the cemetery that morning.   I had set my alarm for the necessary dark and early time.  I had checked the weather network for the potential weather and contemplated my clothing options.  I had even arranged to meet another walker on the way there.  
What could possibly go wrong?  Apparently lots…
I had gone to dinner at a friend’s the night before, stayed far too late, driven home in a snow storm and crawled into bed far later than my usual time.  Add to that a very busy week both at work and home,  not surprising since it was only two weeks before the Christmas holidays.  Suffice to say that when my alarm went off and I wearily slithered out of bed and looked out the window, I saw nothing but nasty weather (snow! freezing rain! ice!) and thought to myself, only a crazy person would go out in that!  And went back to bed.

So to all you hardy people who actually walked on Saturday morning, you have my undying respect.  My penance is that I spent Saturday morning clearing the snow from my front walk, my back yard walk and the front of my garage.

One extra slice of pie for each one of you!

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