Go Together

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
  If you want to go far, go together”
  – African proverb

I saw the proverb above on a postcard and just thought it so perfectly described our group of walkers; sometimes we walk alone, trying to improve our race pace and sometimes we walk together, sharing our experiences as we go the distance.  How lucky we are to have the choice…

We were a big group of walkers this morning when the 7 am and 8 am walkers met each other.  

We posed for a photo opportunity and then set off eastward toward Harbourfront.  The air was cool and fresh, the looming rain clouds generously holding off until later in the day.  While not perfect summer weather for those who enjoy the sweltering heat, the cool air is lovely when we’re walking long distances.  We did have to avoid all kinds of construction obstacles as we went along but then it seems to me that obstacles have never been much a problem for this group of determined women!  Even after sustaining an injury, a walker returns to walk again the following week.

There was yet another article in the newspaper last week about the benefits of exercise, particularly for post-menopausal women. Vigorous walking was celebrated for helping to ward off disease but, the article went on to point out, the benefits stopped immediately as soon as the exercise stopped.  

You know what that means, comrades?  There’s no stopping now!

Addendum – Thanks Rorie for hosting a successful pool party.  Lots of food, of course, and laughter. What do you think is inside this turtle?

Thanks Fiona for taking our extra technical walking ‘gear’ and sharing it with others who need it.

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