Giving thanks…

I read an article recently that said being actively grateful was good for your health so this, the first blog of 2014 is about gratitude. I encourage all my fellow walkers – who I know are interested in improving their health in any way possible –  to give it a try. It may not improve muscle tone or endurance but we are about so much more than just the physical, aren’t we!
I am profoundly grateful for the good health that allows me to get out and walk and actively enjoy life. I was quite ill about 10 years ago and, when I recovered, I was so thankful that I swore I would never forget that feeling of just being grateful to be alive. But time passes and the daily grind can make you forget the really important things. So, reminder to self, enjoy every moment of every walk – even the aches and pains are proof you can still move it out!
I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds us. Even the ice storm, for all its destruction, transformed our world into a gorgeous, shimmery fairytale. Before I started walking, I tried to stay inside whenever it was even moderately grim outside. Now because we walk in every conceivable weather (okay there are a few exceptions – after all we aren’t that crazy), we get to see all of Mother Nature’s faces – and most of them are surpassingly wonderful.
I am grateful for the people in my life who love and support me. I will talk specifically about the TPW group because I think we have something pretty special. As Susan B said to me at breakfast, we are a group that is engaged in a very positive way. We seem to bring our best selves to our get-togethers – sure we whinge by times and we talk about the not so good things in our lives but generally in a ‘how do we make it better’ kind of way – and almost always with a touch of humour. I come away from our chats refreshed and awed by the depth and breadth of heart and soul that the group displays individually and collectively. Thank you TPW – I am so grateful to be part of you.

Finally a huge good luck to the brave (and interestingly dressed) Disney contingent who were sent off this morning with survival kits created by Lee. Let the Mighty Minnies prevail!

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