Giving Thanks

Out at 7 on a Saturday morning … dark, more so because of clouds
Cool but nice, and off we go
5k in and we get some showers … as expected
6k in and we get a downpour … NOT expected
7k in and the rain is gone but we have to jump the puddles

Heading back now, everything soaked
10k gone and blue sky in the distance
14k brings the sun on our back, warm and dry
And the world is glorious with the changing colours of the season

It was a long walk, but not so long
It’s been a long season, but not too long
So many reasons to give thanks
But this is also a time to celebrate the harvest

I think of the steps I’ve harvested today, and all the days of this long summer
I think of the memories I’ve harvested … each walk reveals a special gift
I give thanks for support of those around me, listening to my joys and woes
I give thanks that I can return that support

Think, now, of what you have harvested this year ….






… and give thanks.

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