Getting up and getting out…

At 7:30 the alarm goes off and I am up, refusing to even think about my cozy bed.  My husband sleeps on but the cat follows me into the guest bathroom where my walking clothes are all laid out from the night before.  I dress, go downstairs, feed the complaining cat, tidy the kitchen and get myself some yoghurt.  Bring in the paper and check the weather –  still not too cold. What an amazingly mild fall so far.
I pack my trusty belt with water bottles, breakfast money, TTC tokens and my cell phone and I get on the tube. At Bloor and Yonge, there is a delay.  How irritating – the restive crowd shuffles its feet, rolls its eyes and gets progressively grumpier, particularly as there is no communication from on high. I have resigned myself to being late (or maybe even turning around and going back to bed?) when a train magically appears.
Disembarking at St. Clair I get in some intensity training in my very fast walk to the Cemetery. Hooray, I arrive at 8:35 on the dot and there is my trusty crowd of walkers.  Their bright jackets create a rainbow against the backdrop of grey fall trees. My heart warms at the sight and I know how much I enjoy walking in the company of this diverse group.
Most are in training for winter or early spring races and so their distances are building up. Newbie Ann and I do once around and then head for breakfast. We sip our tea and coffee and chat and others join us one by one.
By the time I leave for my Pilates class, it is only 10:30am and thoughts of bed are far behind me. Yet again I remind myself how worthwhile this all is.
A reminder that it is getting colder.  Check out your winter gear, wear layers and don’t forget to bring water and, as you get into longer distances, fuel.  

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