Getting ready for Fall

I know that I am rushing the seasons, and we have barely experienced spring let along summer (wasn’t Saturday an absolutely gorgeous day!!)….but training for a race involves planning 12-16 weeks out.
We’re in the middle of our May racing season, having completed races in Pittsburgh and Toronto in mid May and the Toronto Women’s Half at the end of this month.  We are meeting on Monday May 30th (Harbord House, 6:30pm) to set our next goals for the Fall.
We are encouraging everyone to complete a half marathon in the Fall, specifically on September 25th.  There are two choices – the Kitchener-Waterloo Walkers-only race or the Island Girl Half (on Toronto Island, mainly women but not exclusively).
It’s so much more fun to train together, commiserate about the miles on a Saturday morning at 7am and then celebrate with breakfast on the patio of the Grenadier Café, together. We have a few first-timers and they are counting on our experienced racers to help them through the intricacies of what to eat, and drink, and when, what to wear in all kinds of weather. No matter what your pace is, you are experienced if you have completed the distance in a race…
We’ll also talk about shorter races to keep us motivated through the summer, one of our favorites, with great gear and water bottles at the finish line, along with a medal is the Midsummer Night’s Run (August 20th).  We usually celebrate with munchies at a pub somewhere nearby.
We’re looking forward to walking and talking our way up and down the shore of Lake Ontario, and up and down the Humber river, with you this summer.
P.S. Don’t forget our third and last training with Lee Scott tonight at 6:20pm at Mt Pleasant Cemetery.

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