Getting Moving

Last Tuesday was supposed to be my first training walk in preparation for the Scotia Waterfront Half. 
I didn’t train at all. My goal is to do the half well trained and right now my motivation is nil.  I hope my frame of mind changes quickly so that I can enjoy all that we experience when we train with a goal.
Do any of you have a specific goal for this year ?  Giving yourself lots of time to train, change strategies and maybe change races for me is a good idea . It allows me to procrastinate.  What works for you?
I’m not feeling very creative today so I will leave you with a quote from Yoko Ono  – she posted this tweet on May 25th
“I think we should all have some belief we love. Some of us may believe in eating well. Some of us believe in making a big family. I personally believe in a walk. I do that even when it’s raining a little. After a good walk, you really feel like you are cleansed spiritually.
Hoping you have a great week and find time to get out there and walk your distance

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