Garmin Fun

Saturday last, a glorious day,
TPW gathered in our usual way.
I was walking with Shelley,
Discussing our day.
When her Garmin started beeping
Oh, she said, it’s set for a pace of 9 minutes per K.

If I don’t go 9 min per K, it tells me to hurry,
I set it to pace me, so I didn’t have to worry.
Just ignore it, she said, but it made such a fuss,
Beeping every few seconds, it was such a distraction,

Demanding attention, increasing frustration,
She tapped with her finger but stop it would not.
We knew what it wanted, we quickly acquiesced.
We walked in tandem, keeping the pace,
Hitting our stride, running the race.

I had time constraints that day,
I had to turn back after a distance of 5K.
I encouraged Shelley forward to go all the way.
She started to speak, but the Garmin beeped.
She surged ahead, happy to go.
She and Sue B. were keeping their flow.

It has always been known going back to the cave;
That the slave becomes the master, and the master the slave
Who is the slave and who is free?
Before you answer, think carefully:

Do I own my Garmin, or does my Garmin own me?

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