From Shirley – The Shoe

Sitting on the shelf I noticed more and more unlikely “athletes” wander into the store.  I thought, who are they kidding?

Then one day in walks this woman looking around hesitantly but determined. I heard her ask a staff person what type of shoe she should buy for long distance training.  WHAT!!  She looked like the furthest she had walked in the last few years was to the corner store.

After some discussion and measurement, the clerk had her try me on. She walked quickly back and forth with more speed and agility than I expected. She then tried on a few other pairs of shoes. Finally, she took me home.

At first, I spent more time in the closet than on her feet.  As Spring approached, we spent more time outdoors together. As the weather improved so did our distance. I was now remembering the days when we only walked a Kilometer or two.  We were going hard and fast. She was talking about doing ½ marathons (OMG).  Little did I know what we were going to do together.

Over the next 6 months we crossed the finish line for two ½ marathons plus many other shorter races.  October had us heading to Washington. I was gently packed into her carryon so I would not be misplaced.  I heard chatter from other shoes that we were heading to a MARATHON!

Early Sunday morning we headed quietly with a large group of friends to the start line, surrounded by thousands of other shoes all anxious and excited to go.  The buzz was contagious.  We crossed the timing mat and listened to advice from veterans to keep your pace and remember your training. Distance and time stood still, then flew. Up the rise and across the finish line was exhilarating. Surrounded by friendly caring marine boots was comforting and congratulatory.

I have since been retired and replaced by many new shoes.  I found a new home in a Peruvian village with relatives of my original owner’s friend.  Life is good.

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