From Mary

Some thoughts on Community. I believe human beings are hard-wired to seek out a community wherever they are. When I think back to training for my first marathon, over 10 years ago, I recall what a bonding experience it was to do the training, finish the race and share in the celebrating afterwards. That cycle has been repeated often since then, through so many other events with fellow TPW members. The sense of community within TPW is one of the most valuable aspects of this wonderful, supportive group. Whether celebrating a new career, or transitioning from a career into retirement, celebrating happy family events such as weddings or grandchildren, or even learning to adjust to the loss of family members, the support of this group goes far beyond just the physical side of training for a marathon. For this I am grateful, as I suspect many other members of TPW are as well. This pandemic year has magnified the need for a sense of community in all of us, and although we have not all been able to walk together as a group, the spirit of community remains strong and we look forward to the time when we can all be together again.

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