Fresh Air

Snow! All day Friday as I watched the snow pelt down, I was a bit apprehensive about the walk Saturday morning.  Would there be ice?  But Saturday morning dawned, a balmy 2 degrees, and everything had melted.  Sure footing all the way!
I’d been away the past 2 Saturdays, visiting relatives in a small suburb of Oakland.  I was there when the first reports of the Paradise fire came in and also when the toxic air advisories began in the Bay area (San Francisco and Oakland.) It was very sobering,
That was on my mind as I walked with the group, catching up on the news of the past weeks, especially Sherry’s tale of the New York Marathon.  As we walked and talked, in the back of my mind I was aware of my relatives’ need to stay indoors.  The fresh cold air felt like a privilege.

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