There is freedom in walking in warm, sunny weather. No coats, boots, mittens and toques.  I try and walk twice a day. It is amazing to be wearing shorts and a T-shirt.
Yesterday, my first walk was 8K starting at 8 in the morning. I thought of the TPW walkers meeting at Mt Pleasant as I walked the beach in the sunshine. I tried to focus on pace but I was distracted by seashells. Of course I had to stop and pick a few up.  As you know from walking on the lakeshore, there is peaceful feeling when walking near the water. I must have worked my arms as today my biceps are a little tender. I still find it strange that walking has an effect on my arm muscles.
While it was not a race, it did please me to pass others walking and one runner. 
I walked again mid afternoon, going along the path in the area we are staying and then the beach for 3-4km
It is lovely then, less people . It was more about relaxing than training. I wear a garmin on the morning walk only.
For ‘fitbit’ people, I have been recording 20- 25k a day however I am not convinced that is accurate.
It was wishful thinking that Barb was still in Hilton Head. It would have been wonderful to walk with her down here.
We rented bikes and I have yet to ride mine. I walk instead. Bikes scare me. I am in awe of Sherry with her racing and Lee for riding in the city. I will get on the bike and may ride a few kms but to be honest I’d much rather have my feet on the ground. I can see the seashells better that way 🙂
I have a lot of walking to do here and hopefully there will be no snow or ice when I return.
ps  I do miss the camaraderie and the breakfast

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