The Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines fortune as chance or luck as a force in human affairs.  I am feeling that force this week.
Last Thursday evening, our force of nature, Phyllis, invited TPW’s to join her, serving guests at Holy Blossom’s Out Of The Cold program.  The encounter was brief but as I waited on a table of eight men, I was struck by the courteous way they treated me.  Every request was made with grace and each of them thanked me at the end of the meal.  I felt deeply aware that there is a large element of chance in determining who is a guest and who is a server. 

I missed the walk this Saturday  as I’m visiting my sister in California. (Yes, that IS good luck!)  My sister and I share a gene pool but in this too, I’ve been lucky.  She has just had her knee replaced for the third time.  Her first surgery on her bones was when she was fifteen and she’s dealt with joint problems (hips and knees) all her life.  For her, a simple walk without a crutch, cane or limp is a joy.   When I complain about my small age-related aches, I hear her voice in my ear reminding me how very fortunate I am that, with training, I can walk a half-marathon.

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