Fighting the lingering winter blahs…

Saturday morning’s light snow and aggressive winds were greeted by perfectly justifiable moans, groans and mumblings of ‘enough is enough, already!’. We walkers are winter weary and not shy about saying so. However, as we got underway, we grudgingly admitted that at least it was clear under foot and a bit warmer.

The conversations amongst our spread out group turned to other things. In my case, the topics included chocolate (Nicole is taking a course), lowering cholesterol (that would be me – and apparently limiting cheese and chips works!) and coping with life’s changes (Lee and I pondered the good and the not so good).  I got an update from Susan on her storytelling (I love the range of things that our group does – what a talented bunch) and heard tidbits from Phyllis and Rorie on their wonderful trip to Israel.

The engrossing chat made the twice round the cemetery go quickly.  Over breakfast we exchanged movie reviews (mixed on Grand Hotel Budapest – I was a thumbs up – and rave reviews for The Lunch Box), watched  a YouTube video called the Naked Towel Dance (it will make you laugh) and learned that Nicole has been accepted to display at the Toronto Art Show (congrats – see talented bunch above).  

On the way home, I was feeling good despite the gray sky and gave myself a little pat on the back for a morning well spent . Take that winter!

P.S. Spring racing season was kicked off this weekend with Danielle, Jo Ann and Ela doing Harry’s 8k.  Kudos also to Helen and Shirley for volunteering to walk at the ‘back of the pack’, encouraging racers to make it across the finish line!

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