Feeling thankful…

Saturday was a bit of an adventure for me – I didn’t check my emails in the morning and so wound up at High Park. On finding it closed down to cars for a race, I finally read that we were back at the cemetery a week early. Scooted there and met up with the gang at the end of their first go-around and joined those who were doing a second go-around.
All’s well that ends well.

The gorgeous day and the excellent company made up for the extra travel. Our conversation, which is always lively and interesting, seemed particularly so during the walk and at the breakfast afterwards. Jo-Ann and I were walking together and talked about many things including a little about our ethical and spiritual underpinnings. Our thoughts seemed to flow naturally from the beauty surrounding us – particularly the sunlight that set the autumn trees aglow. 

Over breakfast, we fell into a conversation about Thanksgiving and how we felt about and expressed being thankful. Collectively we agreed we were a lucky bunch.  Jo-Ann shared an interesting technique for reflection and that is, in a quiet moment each day, ask yourself what you were least thankful for in that day and what you can learn from that.
And of course the reverse is to consider what you are thankful for – and for me that is so many things including the company of my fellow Toronto Power Walkers. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Next week, we are officially back at the cemetery with breakfasts at the Jester.

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