Feeling ‘hot, hot, hot’

It was HOT out there this weekend.  I was not prepared for it and I am guessing I was not alone. 
Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate. If you don’t have a water bottle please make sure you buy one soon you will definitely need it for walking your distance, doing intervals or hills this summer.
I understand the those doing the Ottawa Half and Full marathon were told use ice water to cool themselves before the race!   
TPW’ers started at 7am,8am and 8:30 am this past weekend.  The nice part about that was I saw some on the waterfront as I trained with WOW Power Walking.  I made the decision to sign up for the WOW class because I know I need to train with more intensity and WOW is the place to do that.
Speed drills, stretches and more are one component of what I need to get myself to the finish line in Montreal.
I also need the support of our group. I am pretty good at walking my distance alone but there is pleasure and great satisfaction in doing a LONG distance with others.  Reaching a shared goal is wonderful, yes it might mean that you didn’t want to do it when you started out early in the morning or part way through the walk, you decide doing a long distance 10k, half marathon or marathon beyond your capacity…Don’t give up !!!  Look to your TPW friends to get you to the finish of the training walk or finish line.  
Have fun ‘walking your distance’ this week !

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