February Walking

On Saturday, there were extreme cold temperature warnings in the forecast when I got up.  I dressed in lots of layers and headed out to meet our group at 8:30.  Diane caught up with me on Yonge Street and we both commented that it didn’t seem as cold as the forecasters had predicted.  I had been thinking about completing 9 kilometres and skipping breakfast in order to be on time for a later event.  But Diane’s logic woke me to the possibility of walking 6 kilometres and having breakfast.  A much better plan!
There were a lot of walkers out.  Mary and Barb, training for the Chilly Half, had already completed one loop of the cemetery when we gathered.  Nicole led us in oil-ups and off we went.  It was great to see Laurel and Sue back outside after recovering from their injuries. 
The footing was a bit precarious with a dusting of snow over the ice.  At least one walker went down but thankfully, without injury.   Our eggs tasted especially good after the very fresh air!

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