Farewell to High Park

Thirteen TPW’s met at the very civilized hour of 8am at High Park, for the last official Lakeshore walk for 2010. We walked 8-15k, turning around at the Inukshuk or as far as the Music Garden. We even ran into Rosemarie and David heading off to the Zoomer show at the Ex! We hope to see more of them and others at our year-end event. See below for more on that!

This marks the end of the official training season for most, as we head back to Mt Pleasant Cemetery for our 8:30am walks. We’re still walking on Tuesday evenings, but have gone back to our Rosedale location as the Reservoir is too dark (see sidebar for details on where we meet).

Important dates:

  • Nov. 27th – Habitat for Humanity – We have room for friends and family.
  • Nov 30th – Year-end dinner at Harbord House. We’ll celebrate the year that was and make plans for 2011. We are considering the Boston Marathon – no training will be required! Please come with all your medals from this year. RSVP please.
  • Jan 8/9th – First race of 2011 – Goofy – Marathon and a half, Orlando FL

Contact Sue at tpw@rogers.com to sign up for Habitat (6 spots left) or the year-end dinner.

We’re looking for volunteers to help write the blog next year. As you can see, it’s not that difficult!

Congrats to all for another successful year.

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