Family Day 2022


After a wonderfully sunny, if a bit icy, walk with 2 TPW friends on Saturday morning, followed by coffee with others, I picked up ice cream to prepare for my family day celebration.  My grandkids came for the afternoon Saturday, a sleepover and an all-day visit on Sunday.  Their mom and dad came to dinner on Sunday night and we talked with their other grandparents via FaceTime after dinner.  What a lovely way to celebrate family!

I’ve come to really appreciate having family geographically close to me over the past two years.  I’ve been able to be in their “bubble” which has made all the difference to my happiness during covid.

My grandkids are very comfortable in my house!  We get by with very few rules, the number one and pre-eminent rule is to be kind to one another (and to never get water on my wood floors.).  Otherwise, pretty much anything goes.  It takes a little time to get the house back to rights after they’ve gone: pillows are everywhere after an epic battle, couch cushions are stacked into a fort, and there is playdough in a lot of corners.  But they leave with good memories of reading together, talking about what’s happening in their lives, exploring picture albums.  And I realize that is the real legacy I will leave them, that they were well loved.

Happy Family Day to you all.

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