Fall walking weather

What a wonderful weekend to walk. Of course I haven’t walked this weekend with TIFF being my focus. More volunteering than films this year.
Less than 2 weeks until I do the half marathon with Rorie.  I say that, but in all likelihood we will walk most of it alone.
I am not as well trained as Rorie so my goal is to finish upright and smiling  – no specific pace.  In my humble opinion it is a lovely thing to complete a race with others. There is camaraderie and support on the course and shared excitement at the finish.  High fives, wide smiles and a few aches and pains shared are shared with others.
Finishing alone is not without benefits, in my case I am immediately thankful to have a body that can move me long distances. Also a mind that can propel me forward. I also know I will have friends and family tracking my progress.  
On my last 18K walk I used an app “Pursuit” where you can broadcast your walk to others.  Its great because you receive “cheers” as you do your distance.  
Not sure if I will use the app in Montreal but I know I am not alone and I look forward to getting it done 
Enjoy the cool temps as you walk your distance this week

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