Extraordinary ordinary women…

One of the things I treasure about TPW, other than the walking of course, is the opportunity to get to know a group of extraordinary, ordinary women (and a few good men). We are all sizes, all shapes, different temperaments and from a variety of backgrounds. Some of us are retired (but the opposite of idle) and some work at a wide range of jobs (social work, accounting, medicine, film and television, banking,  IT, consulting, administration, teaching, law, acting to name just a few). At the start, our only common denominator is walking but that changes over time as we walk and talk the distance.
This week our very own Danielle M. became a published author. Some of us has a chance to celebrate with her at the launch of her children’s book, That’s Not Fair: Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms.  It is a wonderful book (I read it and learned many things I should have known) that promotes critical thinking for young people – a thought next time you need a gift for an inquisitive 8-12 year old.

Seeing Danielle skillfully manage an engaged audience of chatty children and amused adults at her reading,  I thought about the wealth of talent and experience that exists within our group.  Makes me realize that being a TPW member is not only good for the body but for the mind and soul!

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