Being on a different training programme, I left the majority of TPWs I was walking with and headed off to get some breakfast. There at the restaurant, finishing her breakfast was another TPW member. I joined her.  

She was curious as to how long I had been with the group, what I had done and when I had started. I basically told her that I started training with Jeans Marines when I turned 50, my first marathon was at 51 and my seventh marathon – with a few half marathons thrown in between- was at the age of 59. I let her know that I just turned 60 the week past and hopefully in Jan 2014 I will have completed the Goofy. She smiled.

She then told me that she was entering her 70s and leaving the country that day to go on a hiking tour. She spoke about how she heard of us, her experiences and some of the hiking trips she had been on.

Our stories mirrored each other in terms of endurance.

Throughout my times of walking there are two experiences that have stayed with me.
The first was when I did a 5 K during hail and sleet. I would not have gone to the corner store to get the last bottle of milk in that weather yet I was out there doing a 5 K walk.

The other was when I was doing a 16 K training walk and I thought my heart was going to bounce out of my throat and land on the ground. At that time Graham was a Jeans Marines coach and he came up beside me and basically told me that this is what occurs and people get through it. I got through it.

Endurance comes in all forms. It is celebrated in various ways. Within our group we have many form of endurance. Good to be a part of it all. 

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